Are Limousines Really Luxurious?

Limousines are trendy now with almost everybody wishing to have one ride on the luxurious vehicle, too bad, the car is pricey and for now, most of it is rented to people on special occasions. It is rare to just find limousines on streets lined up like regular cars, since they are uncommon, when there is one on the road, it has people’s turning to have a better view. A Limousine can simply be defined as an elite car used by wealthy politicians or celebrities and driven by employed chauffeurs. It is impossible to find people driving their limousines or limo for short, they employ drivers for that.

These cars are very long and

These cars are very long and still have 4 wheels like regular vehicles. There is a division in the middle separating the chauffeur from the passenger seats, so it is not possible for the driver to know what goes on in the back seat. The two common purposes of limos as of now are to drive celebrities or politicians like the president to places and to pick up passengers from airports. Other countries refer to this vehicle as a “limo”, but in Germany, that is not the case, they are called stretched limousines because of the length of the sedan car.

Are Limousines Really Luxurious?

Limos are about 30 to 35 feet long but not high, they are wide enough to accommodate at least 10 people, a big difference between them compared to common cars is the seats are facing themselves, meaning that you can seat and face the person you are having a conversation with rather than turning your back to them. The companies that manufacture them ensure that people who use them get maximum comfort, the chairs are made with original leather and comfy seats for passengers. Many might think, since Limousines are arranged in bench-like manners, that it might be possible to stand and have fun while the vehicle is in motion. But, it is not possible to stand or play around because there isn’t much room in it. Even though it is not high enough to stand, limos are wide enough to accommodate up to 15 people which is 4 times the size of regular cars.

Although in most countries, citizens are permitted to convert their cars into limos but in some countries in South Asia like India for example, your vehicle could be collected permanently if they are customized into other forms of cars without legal permission. If you are searching for cars with speeds, you shouldn’t get a limousine, they are not fast, these cars were designed to be driven slowly that is why celebrities love using them for relaxation. Comfort costs a fortune, just as you must have guessed, limos are expensive. The average stretched car price is about 200 thousand dollars and accommodates 10 to 15 passengers. You don’t have to get all worried though, it is possible to rent them for small fees and enjoy the day. Rental fees range from 200 dollars to 1500 dollars depending on how many hours you want to keep them.