Limousine Carrying Capacity

There is typically no right answer as to what number of people can fit inside a limo due to the variety of brands available now. However, if we were to consider safety and comfort, a limo could fit a range of 6-10 people. A standard stretch limo can hold a capacity of 6 people. These are mostly used for proms where you want to be exclusive yet not be too extravagant. A super-stretched limo can comfortably accommodate 14 people, but in extreme cases such as bridal parties, sports events, 26 people can be fitted into it.

The number of people in a

The number of people in a limo would depend on the occasion that the group is headed to. For large events, most would prefer to squeeze into one vehicle to save on parking or just enjoy the night together. If your party is dressed in flowing, elegant gowns or stuffy tuxedos, you may want to plan on less than maximum capacity in the car. That is if they want to arrive at their destination still looking fresh. If you’re just going clubbing, dressed in more casual clothing, and being cramped on a dance floor doesn’t bother you, then full capacity in a limo won’t be such a big deal. Limousine companies have installed amenities such as interior lighting, refreshment holders, and privacy dividers in a bid to attract more guests.

Limousine Carrying Capacity

If you are headed for a small party, go for a classic limousine that fits eight people comfortably. In case the limo is meant for a date, where intimacy is key, a luxury sedan, meant for a maximum of four people, is the best choice. Unlike other kinds of limousines, it will not have upbeat amenities, but this is made up for through posh leather seats and a surrounding system perfect for a romantic night out. Party busses are great for bachelor or bachelorette parties, where guests want to have enough space to dance and be wild while still enjoying privacy, complimentary refreshments as well as the luxury of being in a limo. Most party buses are soundproof to avoid causing commotion with those outside the bus.

The types of limos range from a luxury passenger van to a hummer stretch limo which is the most spacious. It is advisable to let the limo company beforehand the number of people you want them to accommodate so that they can point out what will work out in your favor. Overcrowding in a limo might lower prices for those on the trip, but it can be dangerous and deadly. Limousine companies charge per estimate to avoid overcharging customers as well as ensuring that they minimize the risk of a road crash from an overloaded vehicle. Do not be cramped just to save on a few dollars, as in case of an accident it’s more difficult to evacuate as stuffed as everyone will want to get out simultaneously.

Go for a licensed company when choosing a limo as they will be keen on their clients and not overstuff their vehicles just to make extra cash.