The Most Heavily Armored Presidential Limo

The presidential limo is one of the safest cars to drive, courtesy of how heavily armored it is. A keen study of the windows used on the limo reveals that they are five inches thick, meaning they can withstand an attack from a high caliber assault rifle. Windows are made of five layers of bulletproof glass bound together to effectively absorb shock from impact without exposing the occupants to harm. Glass used in making its windows is of top quality and thoroughly tested to take on light attacks from handguns to heavier artillery fire. This car offers unrivaled safety to occupants by allowing them to observe the world from the safety of tinted windows built to take on heavy fire.

Armoring on the body of the

Armoring on the body of the presidential limo is of high craftsmanship, it is considered the heaviest armored limo. Its body is eight inches thick, making it an impenetrable car to be assaulted by light artillery. This thick body gives the presidential limo the extra power to take on attacks from explosives as well. Plating the presidential limo makes it just as thick as a Boeing jet. Doors bolted to the presidential limo are just as heavy as those on a Boeing 757. The tough nature of the presidential limo is why it is popularly referred to as The Beast.

The Most Heavily Armored Presidential Limo

A special gel is used to encase the fuel tank to avoid risking an explosion on collision. Cars tend to go up in flames shortly after colliding because of the exposure of gasoline to naked flames. By insulating its fuel tank, you have a car that is safer to drive around in since its fuel tank does not pose a threat in case of a nasty collision. To protect against the risk of collision from tire bursts, special good year tires are used. It’s hard to pop them with an assault rifle due to their tough exterior. If they burst, these tires can run for miles.

The beast is built like a heavy-duty truck with a heavy chassis for improved stability. The under body is heavily plated to resemble a tough under belly. Protecting the under body ensures that this car is not exposed to attacks from explosives that might be planted on roads. Heavy plating on its under belly makes the presidential limo a stable and safe car to drive in since its chassis cannot be tampered with. Arguably, the Beast is the safest car to drive around courtesy of the safety it offers from all manner of attacks.