What Size Of Tennis Ball Can Enter A Limousine?

A large limousine can carry at least 20/25 people at once depending on the presiding occasion. Others use theirs for official movements like weddings, birthday parties or business meetings. Some small ones can carry up to 6 people, while those medium-sized limo can carry a total of 15 or 17 passengers as the case may be. A tennis ball has different colors but those that are green are often seen in a tennis court, the quality of cloth used to cover these balls differs.

These cars are being hired/rented for

These cars are being hired/rented for official movement as it is comfortable and convenient, it commands a level of respect on passengers. It is expensive, which is more reason why it is only used for official purposes. The type of limousine also determines the availability of space it has. This SUV has more space to carry passengers compared to the other types.

What Size Of Tennis Ball Can Enter A Limousine?

We discovered that this car has space because there are few chairs inside. You can find only 2 seats behind the driver and a small bar where you can serve yourself with cold drinks. All these things are done to make the passenger comfortable inside that vehicle. The tennis ball is a solid round object that is at least 2.570 inches in diameter. There are containers that are used to keep the tennis ball, they have a solid and cylindrical shape. The height of the ball is at least 8 inches compared to football or handball.

After considering the description of the limousine and tennis ball, you can now calculate, accordingly to answer the question of how many balls can fit in the car. We need to understand that questions like this are not meant to be answered correctly because they are asked to test your mental capacity to think. This question will enhance your thinking faculty as you will start calculating the size of a ball and how large the car is. Think outside the box to try and find out what the question is about. Any answers you get will be based on your research on the two items.

If you are smart enough to know that there are no specific number of balls that can fit in a limo, it will take a huge amount of your time to figure out the answer to this question. These questions can come in different forms, though some of us have not had the opportunity to be asked such questions.